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Idea Center - Bath


There are all size bathrooms from small powder room to a
large master bath, but the lighting priority in each should
be given to grooming at the mirror.
  • Lighting at the Mirror: Used for cleaning, makeup, shaving and dressing. Should be evenly distributed over the face, hair and neck without shadows and glare. (Suggested illuminance= 20-50 f.c.)

    • Elongated Lighting: Placed at the side of the mirror and should be at least 16" long.
    • Lighting Above Mirror: Should be at least 24" long to light both sides of the face and avoid shadows under the chin.
    • Recessed Down Lights: have the benefit of being unobtrusive but will produce shadows under the eyelids, nose and chin unless placed close to the mirror. If spaced well apart and above a light colored counter top it can reflect the down light upwards to erase shadows.

  • Dimmer Controls: provided for attractive low intensity night lighting, integrate with the decor, and also adjust lighting to their individual liking.

Bath Fixtures
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