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Lighting in a dining space is there to make the space not only beautiful but functional.
  • Focal Point: Put over the dining table to enhance the color and texture of the food and table setting. It should be kept within the perimeter of the table. Do not place down lights over the chairs as they will cast unpleasant light and heat on people sitting there. (Suggested illuminance= 10-20 f.c.)

  • General Lighting: Provides flexible use of the room from dinner to clean up. Chandeliers should be proportioned to both the table and the room. A diameter of 24"-30" suits most spaces. The diameter should never be wider than the table. (Suggested illuminance= 5-100 f.c.)

  • Accent Lighting: Used to feature a certain object or area. If the chandelier has no central down light, the table setting can be enhanced by accent lighting. You can use recessed adjustable fixtures with narrow to medium spread beams, spaced and angled to avoid casting shadow. (Suggested illuminance= 25-50 f.c.)

  • Controls: Used to match the lighting to the activity. From a dinner party to breakfast, controls can help you set the mood for any occasion. Use 1 dimmer for the table and a separate dimmer for the other lights in the room.

Dining Room Lighting    Dining Room Lighting
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