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Kitchens are fundamentally a work area, but can also be used for entertaining so the lighting should be functional for all activities.
  • General Lighting: Used to see into cabinets and drawers and for ease of doing daily tasks. Best provided by surface mounted fluorescent, or by and array of down lights. (Suggested illuminance= 10-20 f.c.)

    • Fluorescents provide the most light for the lowest cost.
    • Down lights are flexible and can be arranged to provide even illumination throughout the kitchen.

  • Task Lighting: Used at the counter, sink and stove (areas are often in shadow created by the person working or the cabinet above). Task lighting can also be placed over the kitchen table with a pendant fixture which not only can do the job but adds visual appeal. (Suggested illuminance= 20-100 f.c.)

    • Should come from in front of the person, but must also be shielded from the view of others who may be seated nearby.
    • Use a concentrated beam from a down light directly above the sink
    • By using light from a ceiling fixture in the center of the room the persons work will be in a shadow.
    • Should be put at front edge of the cabinet and shielded from view of those seated nearby.

  • Task Lighting: Highlighting special objects such as cookware, note board or a painting. This contributes to making the kitchen the feature place it has become in so many homes. (Suggested illuminance= 20-50 f.c.)

  • Lighting Controls: Adjust the lighting to the activity.

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