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In a Living room the lighting should be flexible enough to provide
for the range of tasks, situations and desired aesthetic effects.
  • Focal Point: In most living rooms the focal point is the fireplace. The objective is to highlight the texture and colors of the stonework and art. (Suggested illuminance= 10-20 f.c.)

    • Small To Medium Picture: Light should reach picture at an angle of about 30 degrees form the vertical. See chart below to determine where to hang lighting based on ceiling height.
      Ceiling Height Distance from the Wall
      8' 2'
      9' 3'
      10' 4'
    • Large Picture or Group of Pictures: When lighting a group of pictures it is best lightened by lighting the surface as a whole. Use same spacing from wall as single picture and for even illumination make the space between units not more than twice that from the wall. Lighting from multiple units can be smoothed using a spread lens or beam elongator.
    • Texture of Surface: can be raised by placing the fixtures close to the surface. The light should strike at a grazing angle. If there are unwanted irregularities in the wall, place the fixtures well away from the wall.
    • Wall Washing: illuminates the surface smoothly and evenly from top to bottom. This technique makes spaces seem larger.
    • 3 Dimensional Objects: looks best lighted from one side. Light in front and above with a wide beam and from the other side in front and above with narrower beam.
    • Glass Objects: look best when on a translucent shelf or in front of a translucent wall.

  • General Lighting: provides for ease of moving around in the room and to bring the room together. (Suggested illuminance= 5-10 f.c.)

  • Task Lighting: supplies extra lighting for seeing small detail (music at the piano, game table, titles of books and reading in a lounge chair) (Suggested illuminance= 20-50 f.c.)

  • Controls: Lighting can be changed according to the occasion. From a quiet conversation to a large party.

Living Room Lighting
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