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Working at home usually involves two kinds of tasks that pose
different lighting problems: computer tasks and paper tasks.
  • Computer Screen: self-illuminated and if too much external light hits it, the contrast between the letters and background is reduced and seeing becomes more difficult. Prolonged work results in fatigue.

    • Avoid these reflections of a window or ceiling fixture by orienting the screen at the right angles so that no bright objects are reflected on it.

  • General Lighting: to balance the brightness in the field of view install a center ceiling fixture or a standing lamp. (Suggested illuminance= 10-20 f.c.)

  • Paper Tasks: in order to avoid reflections of light, the space should be illuminated from either side rather than in front of the task.

    • Lighting for prolonged reading is often best provided by ceiling mounted fluorescent placed slightly behind or at either side of the desk.
    • Local task lighting should be placed at the side, rather than in front of the task. The illuminance on the task should be 20-50 f.c.

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